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Farm Follows Fiction, Reimagine a NYC Icon
location: New York City, USA
client: Metals in Construction Magazine (competition)
†Designed/directed by MLauzon Chief Creative Officer Lemay

The Challenge

International open and anonymous ideas competition sponsored by Metals in construction magazine to simulate design innovation around the Architecture Challenge 2030: targeting net zero buildings. The competition object was the retrofit and energy performance of the building envelope of the Metlife building (former Pan-AM) in New York City’s midtown.





The Response

Winning Entry, the bold scheme envisions a complete make-over and repositioning of Gropius’s much-maligned tower from urban liability to essential asset for New Yorkers by integrating a vertical greenhouse in its facade, a farmer’s market in its base and a dirigible landing pad on the roof. The proposal integrates an array of sustainability strategies working in tandem to reduce the energy consumption by 75%. The proposal is presented in didactic and fun comic-book format.

Selected Press Release

All images courtesy of Metals in Construction Magazine

Concept Sketch
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Comic-book Cover
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Graphic novel intro page
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View from Park Avenue
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View of Farmers' market in podium
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Interior view of lobby with new stairs and ramps
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Lateral view from 44th
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Detail of vertical greenhouses and new envelope
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Section of vertical greenhouses
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