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Lister's Headquarters°
location: Montreal, Canada
client: Lister's & DevMcGill inc.
°Co-designed by MLauzon Senior Partner NOMADE

The Challenge

To deliver an iconic yet unassuming building to house the offices, store and workshop for the legacy Montreal keymaker within a tight budget and a 700 square meter footprint.

The Response




In true Brandscaping form, the disarmingly simple scheme proposes a visual take on the core purpose of its owner with a building outline as floating graphic "key" cut-out, expressed in 3d shape. The 2-storey red “urban-berg” is a playful response to its corner site and embodies the DNA of the locale with bright color scheme neighboring fire station and containers storage yard.

Photos by David Boyer photographer

Concept Sketch
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View from Condé
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Elevation along Condé
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Corner of Condé & Wellington
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Detail of Wellington facade
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Corner of Centre street
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Elevation on Centre Street
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Back elevation
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Detail along Wellington
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