M9 Residential Complex°

location: Montreal, Canada

client: DevMcGill inc.

° Project co-designed as Senior Partner of NOMADE (Lauzon Pelland architects)

The Challenge

Implant an ambitious high-density housing development at the edge of the gritty tech offices neighborhood of Cité du Multimedia, next to the former elevated Bonaventure Expressway. To ensure success, create a true destination to attract audacious next generation buyers, trend-setters and micro-condo lovers.

The Response

To achieve a critical and market success such as M9, a true destination-making toolkit had to be deployed: signature yet affordable architecture, luminous look and feel, varied typology mixes, sophisticated phasing scheme, strong brand conveyed through a bold color scheme and innovative interiors. In the end, the City even lowered the highway.





Prix Intérieurs | Ferdie 2009

Grand Prix, Concours Design Commerces 2008, catégorie intégration urbaine

Selected Press Release

Photos by David Boyer photographe

Concept Sketch
Corner of Wellington & Prince
Conceptual axonometric view
Phase 2 Entrance on Prince
Detail of phase 2 envelope on Prince Str
Elevation of Phase 2 Entrance
Elevation of Wellington facade, Phase 2