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OFF Chabanel Pedestrian Realm


LAAB signs a lively new urban space in the Chabanel sector: the OFF-Chabanel. The placemaking goal is to introduce a new flexible urban space in a service lane along Chabanel. This exterior passage linking Esplanade and Saint-Laurent boulevard will consecrate a new local destination for patrons "off Chabanel" and be used as a linear park, as a space for events and as a patio for revitalized ground-level spaces of the existing buildings. This innovative greening and urban reclamation concept is defnitely foreward-thinking but is also a playful take on the sector's legacy as the textile hub of Montreal.

The OFF Chabanel is the product of cocreation between our team and the SDC District central (business improvement district) including local stakeholders. LAAB deployed its Project incubator and Brandcaping services in this mandate.

The read more about this project, read this recent article by SDC District central.


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