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Agora Maximus: Tactical Urbanism 2.0


LAAB designs and delivers a bold signature for the summer of 2022 in St-Denis Street in Montreal's Quartier latin district. The project proposes a durable, integrated, and heavily planted modular installation, in front of the St-Sulpice Library in 2022, then along the whole Saint-Denis Street in 2023 and 2024.

Immersive and intriguing, the installation combines two landmarks of Latin culture: the Agora, a place for civic meetings, and the Circus Maximus, a linear amphitheater for live entertainment. In this way, the concept pays homage to festivals, circuses, and experimental arts by transforming the urban space into a linear stage, with striking pixelated pop-up seating arrangements placed at intervals along the street.

The project has garnered word-wide acclaim and has been featured in leading media outlets in more than 20 countries.

Read more in the recent Canadian Architect article on Agora Maximus.

In collaboration with Signature design communication and Bao Nguyen landscape architect.

Project made possible by the City of Montreal, Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles and SDC Quartier latin.

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