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University of Montreal Campus Renewal

location: Montreal, Canada

client: Université de Montréal

†Designed/directed by MLauzon Chief Creative Officer Lemay

In collaboration with Claude Cormier & WAA+

The Challenge

Reposition the existing aging mountain Campus to better embody the University’s stated values of sustainability, active lifestyles and enhanced quality of life of its constituents, to increase its brand equity and its attractivity to the next generations of students. 




The Response

The masterplan proposes extensive greening and removal of all surface parking, a new linear park as pedestrian spine linking faculty buildings, revamping of the entrance tunnel with a new atrium and creation of a new entrance plaza. The whole complex is branded with an easily identifiable visual, lighting and landscape signature.

Images courtesy of Université de Montréal and WAA+

Concept Sketch
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Central axial view of renewed campus
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Plan view of renewed Campus
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View of arrival plaza and subway entrance
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Aerial view towards South featuring new esplanade
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New East-West esplanade in front of University Faculty buildings
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Concept Sketch of renewed ensemble with central staircase ascending to the Tower
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Aerial view of renewed ensemble with new landscaped esplanade
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