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Mumbaï International Creativity Centre (MICC)°
location: Mumbaï, India
client: Essel Group inc.
° Designed/directed by MLauzon Senior Partner NOMADE

The Challenge

Create a new 10-million visitor themepark based on Indian culture with Creativity as the main theme. The land is a 362-hectare parcel of Gorai peninsula in Mumbai and features protected mangrove forest, existing Water- and Amusement Parks, as well as the Global Pagoda, the largest Buddhist pilgrimage site in India. The goal is to integrate 10 000-hotel rooms, 2000-seat theater venue, 2000 high-end housing units, a retail & lifestyle district and related facilities into a cohesive mixed-use ensemble.




The Response

The masterplan is based on the Spiral - a universal sign of creativity and renewal as well as a prevalent figure in Indian symbolism.This ingenious system organizes the site in a North-South alignment of 4 loops, surrounded by a sinuous pedestrian promenade flanked by a mountain-like skyline of hotels and housing towers as well as monorail system. The successive loops comprise Pagoda & Amusement/Waterpark, Creativity Themepark, retail & lifestyle and residential.

Concept Sketch of Themepark
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Masterplan of MICC ensemble
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Concept Plan Sketch of ensemble featuring double helix figure
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Axonometric of double helix figure and program components
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Concept Sketch of Well of Inspiration at the center of the Themepark
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Theater & Wellness Node
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Aerial view of ensemble towards North, with Global Pagoda in foreground
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Aerial view featuring Global Pagoda and MICC themepark Nodes
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Aerial view of MICC Themepark with Well of Inspiration in center
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